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Bill Ressl WickerArt “River of Life” Baby Bassinet


Custom baby bassinet with twig stand, mattress pad, and custom liner. Click on images for larger view.


The River of Life Baby Bassinet was a custom made baby bassinet with twig stand, mattress pad, and custom liner. This one of a kind woven bassinet was like a woven picture. The woven design features two trees on the hood in front of a sunrise with rays from the sun wrapping around the bassinet. The trees denote the family trees of both parents, the sun rays define how the parents influence will wrap the child for life. A river begins on one side and wraps around the bassinet representing that the new infant is part of the river of life created by the combining of the two family trees. Various clouds and flower gardens abound around the bassinet denoting the beautiful and cloudy trials life provides. The bassinet rests on a sturdy twig (willow) stand. Custom quilted liner features rolling green hills, blue sky and a sun. 2" thick and firm mattress pad covered with a custom fitted sheet. All natural, no polyurethane or other finishes. 36" x 20" x 43"H