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Works on Bowen Family Systems Theory


Bill was first introduced to Bowen Family Systems Theory by Dr. Robert Moore at the Chicago Theological Seminary. Whenever possible Bill focused on Bowen theory whenever possible through his graduate studies (MDiv, MSW, and PhD studies). In 2006 Bill received a Post Graduate Certificate in Family Systems Theory and Psychotherapy from the Center for Family Consultation in Evanston, Illinois where he studied under Sydney Reed, Stephanie Ferrera, Carol Moran, and Robert Noone - all students of Murray Bowen. He also attended a monthly Bowen Family Systems Theory Consultation Group with Stephanie Ferrera, LCSW from 2004-2006. Bowen theory expert Dr. Robert Noone, PhD, past Executive Director of the Family Service Center in Wilmette, Illinois and Co-Founder of the Center for Family Consultation in Evanston, Illinois, is one of the Advisory Committee Members for Bill’s PhD studies.

Bowen Family Systems Theory was defined by Murray Bowen, MD - a clinician, researcher, scholar, teacher, writer, and a pioneering architect who developed a new theory of human behavior. Bowen systems theory is best known for eight concepts that form the foundation of the theory, namely: differentiation of self; triangles; nuclear family emotional system; family projection process; multigenerational transmission process; sibling position; cut-off; and, societal emotional process. However at the foundation of these concepts are three interconnected systems that inform functioning in all relationship systems, namely the emotional system, the feeling system, and the intellectual system. These systems rise out of evolutionary processes humanity shares with all life and their equilibrium within life is a constant challenge. The theory continues to foster interest among scholars from many disciplines as well as a number of educational centers that offer post-graduate certificates, continuing education, and research.