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Becoming an I: An Innovative Confirmation Pilgrimage


This confirmation curriculum integrates the disciplines of divinity, ritual studies, and social work to define a Confirmation pilgrimage, an initiatory rite of passage making the youth of our church young adults. Through the pilgrimage the student discovers their gifts and then begins to use those gifts as a blessing to the church today - not in some distant year when they have “grown up.” The pilgrimage is named “Becoming and I” for through the journey each student learns to define who they are in relation to the larger church family. By making an “I” statement the student explores the depths of their soul and decides for themselves to join in communion with God, learning to participate with God in all aspects of life. The program defined in the pages of this text was created by both Bill Ressl and Penny Taylor both ordained ministers in the United Church of Christ and Co-Pastors of a local church in the United Church of Christ where the program has been tested over a several year period.