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Gracious Friend Labyrinth


Tribute to our Gracious Friend, Jane Blaffer Owen

who passed to eternal life June 2010


Following the passing of Jane Blaffer Owen the small community of New Harmony, Indiana which served as her respite for many years was draped in white ribbons. The ribbons could be found everywhere - on gates she frequented, church doors that provided solace, garden entrances that offered serenity, the entrance to the Red Geranium Restaurant which she frequented, and the swing that now hung silently in her yard.


At the center of the Cathedral Labyrinth, which she walked on many occasions, sat one unlit white candle. Atop the hill at Maple Hill Cemetery under the shade of a massive tree were a gathering of white flowers marking Jane’s resting place.


The Gracious Friend finger labyrinth (pictured to the left) was imagined by Bill Ressl during a visit to New Harmony, Indiana in July 2010. As family and friends gathered to remember and celebrate the life of Jane Blaffer Own one could not help but reminisce on how Jane opened her house to family and friends near and far. Although words and images fail in defining who Jane Blaffer Owen was, this labyrinth was inspired by our friendship. We, Bill Ressl and Penny Taylor, will always treasure our friendship with Jane that began with a visit to New Harmony in 2007.


Be sure to download both the full size image of the labyrinth (jpg) and descriptive overview (pdf) below - then enjoy the journey!


Download the free Gracious Friend Labyrinth (jpg file)

Download the free Gracious Friend Labyrinth Overview (pdf file)