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Paul Tillich’s Archive in New Harmony, Indiana from the Collection of Mrs. Jane Blaffer Owen, Three Volumes


In the summer of 2007, Bill Ressl and Penny Taylor spent several days in the Mother Superior House/Tillich Archive in New Harmony, Indiana digitizing the records (personal letters, newspaper articles, photographs, and journals) related to the 20th century theologian Paul Tillich that had been collected over a period of years by Paul Tillich’s friend and student, Mrs. Jane Blaffer Owen of New Harmony, Indiana. The information was organized into three volumes for academic research and study purposes only. Below the table of contents for each volume is provided. Copies of specific pages of the digital archive is available through The Chicago Theological Seminary Library, Chicago, Illinois (see WorldCat OCLC Number 180767473). Many thanks to the kind generosity of Mrs. Jane Blaffer Owen and the Robert Lee Blaffer Foundation who made this digital archive possible.

Site of the Paul Tillich Archive in the summer of 2007 on the corner of Main Street and Granary Street, New Harmony, Indiana.