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Overview of Literary Works on Paul Tillich


Bill was first introduced to the philosophical theology of Paul Tillich by Dr. Robert Moore, Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Spirituality in the Graduate Center of the Chicago Theological Seminary and internationally recognized Jungian psychoanalyst and consultant - Bill’s Advisor in both his Master of Divinity and PhD program of studies (2000-2012). Bill’s first read of Tillich’s three volume systematic theology outlining Tillich’s understanding of Catholic substance and the Protestant principle during the Advanced Seminar Paul Tillich on Theology in Fall 2001 led by Dr. Moore resonated greatly with the boundary situation of Bill’s Roman Catholic and Protestant experience. The works below are inspired from the experience of having served as Dr. Moore’s Teaching Assistant in subsequent courses integrating Tillich’s thought.

For Research Purposes Only: Excerpts from The Paul Tillich Archive in New Harmony, Indiana. From the Collection of Mrs. Jane Blaffer Owen.

Courage to Become Towards an ecologically grounded pastoral theology